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Is it illegal to out the whistleblower?

As the House prepares for its first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, the GOP is trying to shift attention back to the whistleblower whose complaint initially prompted the investigation.

Rand Paul thwarts Senate Dems' attempt at unanimous resolution

Senate Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to pass a unanimous resolution Wednesday to recognize the role of Congress and the executive branch in protecting whistleblowers, days after Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky called for the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry to be named publicly.

Rand Paul demands media reveal whistleblower's identity

Republican Sen. Rand Paul, before a raucous crowd on Monday, demanded members of the media print the identity of the anonymous whistleblower at the heart of the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

Tensions soar over Iran tanker seizures

President Donald Trump said Friday he had authorized Sen. Rand Paul to speak with Iranian officials -- a day after denying he had done so -- but downplayed the significance of the outreach to Iran as tensions skyrocketed in the Persian Gulf.

Rand Paul asks Trump to revoke Brennan security clearance

Republican Sen. Rand Paul tweeted Monday that he asked President Donald Trump to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, who criticized Trump's performance last week at the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rand Paul: Election attack is 'Trump derangement syndrome'

Sen. Rand Paul said on Monday that the conversation around Russian interference in the 2016 US election and President Donald Trump's break with the intelligence community on the issue was misdirected and animated by anti-Trump animus.

Man who attacked Sen. Rand Paul sentenced to 30 days

Rene Boucher, the man who pleaded guilty to attacking his neighbor Sen. Rand Paul, has been sentenced to 30 days along with a year of supervised release, according to a case manager with Kentucky Western District federal court.