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Puerto Rico tourism slowly bouncing back

Last summer, Puerto Rican tourism officials were getting flooded with calls about "Despacito" ("Slowly"), the sexy megahit by Puerto Rican crooners Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee that made history as the most streamed song of all time.

FEMA stresses it's not leaving Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans were alarmed this week to hear that the Federal Emergency Management Agency planned to halt new shipments of food and water to the island -- and some assumed that meant FEMA was going to stop providing aid.

Puerto Rico governor calls out Washington on 'equal treatment'

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello on Tuesday called on US leaders not to harm the territory's hurricane recovery efforts through tax reform or year-end funding decisions, reminding Washington that Puerto Ricans are US citizens and "deserve equal treatment."

Thousands wait for roofs in Puerto Rico

A dispute over a government contract has slowed efforts to build temporary roofs for people in hurricane-hit Puerto Rico, officials from the US Army Corps of Engineers told CNN.

Hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico questioned anew

The actual death toll from Hurricane Maria may be more than eight times higher than the official number from the Puerto Rican government, according to two demographers who conducted a statistical assessment of reported deaths.