prison reform

Charles Koch urges businesses to hire ex-convicts

Billionaire Charles Koch and a coalition of business groups on Sunday announced a push to encourage companies to hire workers with criminal records, following the recent passage of a federal prison and sentencing reform law.

Bipartisan criminal reform bill passes Congress

On the afternoon of September 5, President Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office debating whether to throw his support behind the most extensive overhaul of prison and sentencing laws in years.

Unlikely allies confer on prison reform at White House

The White House brought together unlikely allies in support of prison reform on Friday, leading to the surprising sight of liberal pundit Van Jones sharing a venue with President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Koch network isn't slowing down

As he welcomed donors and lawmakers Saturday to an annual confab in the California desert, billionaire Charles Koch posed a new challenge to his powerful political network: "to increase the scale and effectiveness of this network by an order of magnitude, by another tenfold."