How ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became feared preacher of hate

A preacher of hate. The instigator and inspirer of some of the most hideous acts of violence ever put to video. An elusive fugitive, hunted by drones, only once seen in public. The perverter of Islam with a nauseatingly infectious ideology that had a greater lure to a disenfranchised minority than anything comparable since the 1970s.

Navy SEAL to be arraigned on murder charge

A Navy SEAL pleaded not guilty Friday to a charge of premeditated murder in the stabbing death of an injured person in Iraq. Lawyers in the courtroom say the male victim was an ISIS fighter.

3rd journalist dies after Mosul blast

A third journalist has died from injuries sustained in a mine blast this week in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the French government and her employer said Saturday.

UN: ISIS kills more than 200 civilians

ISIS murdered more than 200 civilians over three days as they tried to flee fighting last week in western Mosul, Iraq, the United Nation's human rights office said, citing "credible reports."