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What is Movember or NoShavember anyway?

It's the first of November, which means it's the start of Movember or NoShavember. You've likely seen these words before and may have wondered what they're all about.

Judge rips insurance company for 'immoral, barbaric' cancer denials

A federal judge blasted UnitedHealthcare last month for its "immoral and barbaric" denials of treatment for cancer patients. He made the comments in recusing himself from hearing a class-action lawsuit because of his own cancer battle -- and in so doing thrust himself into a heated debate in the oncology world.

Study: Surgery can increase survival of advanced breast cancer

Surgery is tied to improved chances of survival among stage 4 breast cancer patients, a new study suggests, but who has access to surgery and who doesn't can vary drastically, based on factors including income level and where treatment is administered.

Getting hairy could save millions of men

As the fall chill sets in, you may see some men sporting scruffy faces. It could be laziness, it could be a fashion statement, or maybe it's a way for men to look out for each other.

Welch's says grape juice is for men now

You're a red-blooded American man. You're tough, you work hard, and you don't have time for Millennial health trends. Your enemy? Oxidizing agents that hurt your health. Your drink? Grape juice.