memorial day

Cloudy with Showers on this Memorial Day - Mark

Morning showers with a nice break until the afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms moving through. Partly cloudy and warmer Tuesday and Wednesday. Clouds and possible showers Thursday. Low 70's and showers Friday and Saturday.

Finally Above 70 degrees - Mark

We're finally going to break into the 70s! But along with that comes evening showers and thunderstorms expected to continue through Friday. We'll have a cooler Memorial Day weekend with clouds Saturday, showers Sunday and a break for Monday.

Second suspect arrested in Coeur d'Alene man's death

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho -- A second suspect has been arrested in a Coeur d’Alene man’s death.  Authorities said Dennen T. G. Fitterer-Usher, 23 of Liberty Lake, has been arrested in relation to the incident. Gabriel R. Casper, 20, was found unconscious, laying…