Yakima deputies look for Marine's stolen uniforms, medals

YAKIMA, Wash.-- The Yakima County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding a Marine's uniforms and medals. Investigators said the Marine and his wife recently moved to Yakima from Colorado. They had a lot of their belongings, including his uniforms and…

Local combat veteran orchestrates special surprise for fellow Marine

As Nick Jeffries has made the transition back into life as a civilian, serving others has taken on a whole new meaning. The combat veteran is now making it his mission to look out for others who know what he's gone through -- like Joey Lowe, who sacrificed so much for our country.

Elite US marines under investigation over hazing allegations

At least five Marines assigned to the prestigious ceremonial Silent Drill Platoon in Washington were placed in pretrial confinement in recent days due to allegations they were involved in hazing at least one Marine at the unit, according to three defense officials.