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Top 20 Australian actors of all time

Australia is the home of some of the top actors in the world. You might be surprised to learn who some of them are since they appear in many films and TV shows using an American accent. Here's a look at entertainment and news website TV Over Mind's top 20 Aussies.

What Nancy Kerrigan thinks of 'I, Tonya'

There's been plenty of buzz about the film "I, Tonya" but the woman at the center of the controversy that brought down skater Tonya Harding isn't contributing to it.

Margot Robbie earns high marks in 'I, Tonya'

"I, Tonya" announces up front that it's based on "irony free, wildly contradictory" interviews with the participants, yielding a darkly satiric comedy with the tenor of a Coen brothers movie. Elevated by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney's shimmering performances, this entertaining account of those strange events earns the sort of high marks for creative interpretation that its protagonist complained eluded her.