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National Donut Day started with the Salvation Army

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Today is National Donut Day, a day where we can indulge in our favorites donuts, but how did this day start? Well, did you know it started with the Salvation Army? That's right, it was first celebrated…

Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts to vaccinated Americans

Krispy Kreme is offering an incentive for Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Starting Monday, any customer with a valid COVID-19 vaccination card can receive a free original glazed donut. Qualified guests include anyone who has received at least…

National Doughnut Day facts

National Doughnut Day, on the first Friday each June, is a day of appreciation for Salvation Army volunteers who distributed doughnuts to members of the armed forces during World War I. Here are more deliciously good facts about the doughnut on everyone's favorite holiday.