Spokane's last Kmart to close in March

Spokane's last Kmart store will close in late March, as part of Sears Holdings' ongoing liquidation process.Kmart has been in business on 4110 E. Sprague Ave. for more than 50 years. It's one of 80 Kmart and Sears locations nationwide…

Hedge funds have killed Sears and many other retailers

Sears and other retailers that bit the dust recently have two things in common: They couldn't compete with Amazon and Walmart and they were backed by big private equity firms and hedge funds that horribly mismanaged them.

The rise and fall of Sears

Sears was "Where America Shops" for decades. But the changing retail environment has left the retailer a shell of what it once was. Here's a look at how the retailer has changed over the years.

Despite its struggles, Sears CEO gets raise

Sears CEO Eddie Lampert only gets a salary of $1 a year to run the troubled retailer. But he does get a stock bonus, and for 2017 that bonus increased by $850,000, giving him a 24% raise.

Here's what's killing Sears

Sears was once the king of retailers. Now it's a cash-starved shell of itself whose very survival is in doubt.