On this day: September 8

A deadly hurricane strikes Galveston, the original "Star Trek" TV series premieres, President Nixon gets pardoned, and Mark McGwire breaks the single-season home run record, all on this day.

On this day: September 7

The Miss America pageant is held for the first time, the Tasmanian tiger goes extinct, the Pro Football Hall of Fame opens its doors, and rapper Tupac Shakur is gunned down, all on this day.

On this day: July 1

The Battle of Gettysburg begins, America's first zoo opens, the first Tour de France starts, the Sony Walkman hits the market, the PG-13 movie rating is introduced, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill breaks an unfortunate record, all on this day.

On this day: June 28

The last of America's Founding Fathers dies, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, Mike Tyson bites off a bit of Evander Holyfield's ear, and Elián González returns to Cuba, all on this day.

On this day: June 27

Two planes complete the first mid-air refueling, the first nuclear power plant opens, Hurricane Audrey hits the Gulf Coast, Atari is founded, and U.S. Route 66 ceases to officially exist, all on this day.

On this day: May 7

Joan of Arc leads the French to victory, the Germans sink the Lusitania, the Nazis surrender, the 27th Amendment is ratified after two centuries, and Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler announce a $40 billion merger, all on this day.

On this day: April 30

George Washington is inaugurated as the first U.S. president, the Louisiana Purchase is completed, Adolf Hitler commits suicide, and Chrysler declares bankruptcy, all on this day.

On this day: March 16

"The Scarlet Letter" is published for the first time, the My Lai massacre takes place, and Otis Redding scores the first posthumous No. 1 hit, all on this day.

On this day: March 14

America's first town hall meeting is held, Eli Whitney patents his cotton gin, Pan Am is incorporated, and JFK's body is moved to a permanent memorial, all on this day.

On this day: March 13

Susan B. Anthony dies, the NHL crowns its first champion, Cher's career resurgence breaks a record, and gold prices top $1,000 for the first time, all on this day.

A history of presidential firsts

The history of the American presidency is full of firsts -- from groundbreaking to the just plain goofy. In honor of Presidents Day, here are just a few.