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Brexit delay will be short, Theresa May insists

British Prime Minister Theresa May executed a momentous climbdown in her Brexit strategy on Wednesday, requesting a three-month delay to Britain's departure from the EU and blaming lawmakers for the mess.

Explicit Roman graffiti to be captured for posterity

While repairing Hadrian's Wall in the third century, some Roman soldiers amused themselves with a secondary activity: carving explicit graffiti. Now, archaeologists are creating a 3D record of the ancient markings, before they're lost to erosion.

Theresa May's job getting harder by day

Taking a break from the EU-Arab League summit in Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday evening, Theresa May was challenged to a quick game of pool by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte. It turns out her pool skills are not much better than her dance moves -- to the delight of people commenting on Twitter back in Britain.

8th Labour MP resigns from party

Another British member of parliament has quit the opposition Labour Party, in the wake of seven lawmakers splitting to form the Independent Group in Parliament earlier this week.

Woman who spent $21M at Harrods arrested

A woman whose husband is a jailed state banker in Azerbaijan and who spent £16 million ($21 million) over a decade at the luxury department store Harrods, has been arrested and faces extradition.

Brexit battle: UK-EU barbs descend into cherry row

Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged European Union leaders to get the "tone" right in their negotiations with the UK over Brexit following a social media post by European Council President Donald Tusk.

May says no-deal Brexit 'wouldn't be end of the world'

British Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to dismiss concerns raised by one of her ministers that the UK could leave the European Union without a deal, saying that such a scenario "wouldn't be the end of the world."