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Deal to end GM strike won't save Lordstown plant

The deal to end the month-long strike at General Motors will not save an assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and two other transmission plants, according to a person familiar with the agreement.

UAW ups strike benefits for GM workers

As the United Auto Workers union strike against General Motors reached the end of its fourth week Sunday, the union moved to raise the level of financial support for nearly 50,000 GM workers who walked off the job.

GM tells workers it's time for the strike to end

General Motors has told the United Auto Workers union that it's time the two sides reach a deal to end the nearly four-week-long strike. The work stoppage has ground GM's vehicle production to a halt and forced nearly 50,000 hourly workers to live on strike benefits $250 a week.

GM CEO calls meeting with union, as strike drags on

On the 24th day of the strike against General Motors, company CEO Mary Barra called United Auto Workers union President Gary Jones and Vice President Terry Dittes for a face-to-face meeting — their first since the strike began, according to three sources familiar with the meeting.

GM's Mexican factories sticking point in talks

The talks to resolve the longest auto industry strike in decades have taken place in downtown Detroit for 24 straight days. But the biggest issue on the table now revolves around what happens in Mexico.

GM strike is costing the company $90 million a day

The United Auto Workers union strike at General Motors started its fourth week Monday. With no immediate end in site, losses are mounting for both the automaker, its workers, and the company's suppliers.

Signs of progress in the UAW strike against GM

On Day 19 of the United Auto Workers union strike at General Motors, signs are emerging that the two sides are making progress on a deal to end the industry's longest work stoppage in decades.

GM unveils first Corvette convertible with hardtop roof

In July, General Motors unveiled a radically new version of the Chevrolet Corvette. For the 2020 model year, the sports car's engine will be behind the seats instead of under the hood, where it has been in Corvettes since 1953. Now GM has unveiled the convertible version with another major new development.

GM agrees to reinstate health coverage for strikers

General Motors agreed Thursday to reinstate all health insurance coverage for its nearly 50,000 striking hourly workers, a sign that the 11-day old strike by the United Auto Workers union might be nearing its end.

UAW, GM negotiators make progress in talks to end strike

As striking workers picketed idled General Motors plants for a 10th day on Wednesday, negotiators for the company and the United Auto Workers union made progress in reaching a deal to end the nation's biggest strike in more than a decade, according to people familiar with the talks.

Day 4 of GM strike by 50,000 autoworkers

Negotiators for the United Auto Workers union and General Motors returned to the table Thursday morning, as rank and file workers from the automaker's manned picket lines for a fourth day.