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Fake news sparks anti-Roma violence in France

Social media rumors of child abductions by members of the Roma ethnic minority have sparked a wave of violence in France, although authorities have dismissed the claims as baseless.

State Department spokesman: 'fake news' is a real problem

Asked if she is concerned that foreign dictators are using President Donald Trump's claims about "fake news" to oppress journalists, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said Thursday that it is real, both in the US and overseas.

Trump slams Google search as 'rigged'

President Donald Trump has renewed his claims of bias against conservatives on the internet, accusing Google of rigging its results to show "bad" stories when users search for "Trump news."

The Newseum is selling 'Fake News' T-shirts

The Newseum in Washington, DC is a unique monument and museum to journalism and the First Amendment. Visitors flock to it to see its hall of front pages from decades past, or its huge news helicopter hanging from the ceiling. It's an event venue for news organizations and political figures.

UK 'fake news' report calls for tougher rules, fines

A British parliamentary committee says the U.K. government should hold technology companies responsible and liable for "harmful and illegal content on their platforms," and that misinformation and "fake news" is threatening democracy.

YouTube says it has a plan to stem the flow of misinformation videos

The problem crops up almost every time there's a big breaking news story: People post videos full of misinformation on YouTube. Whether the "fake news" makers are trying to spread propaganda, or just make a quick buck, the effect is the same: The videos end up confusing users who just want accurate information.