fairchild air force base

Spotlight Spokane: Refueling an F-22

We visited Fairchild Air Force Base and got an inside look at the refueling process for F-22 Raptors! We climbed aboard a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and flew way above the clouds.

Local leaders working to make sure Fairchild remains viable

Congress has ordered the Pentagon to cut the defense budget by a half trillion dollars during the next decade, and while experts predict the retiring of dozens of planes and ships and two more rounds of base closures, Fairchild Air Force Base may survive and thrive in the coming years. RELATED VIDEO: Raw Interview: Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers talks about Fairchild's future

Falcons help keep Fairchild skies clear

When Fairchild Air Force Base needed to keep birds, geese and other wildlife off its runway it took a note from its own play book and looked to airpower. Animal scare tactics are being used to stop birds and planes from colliding.

Air Force Awards Tanker Contract To Boeing

After a long and arduous decision process that pitted two of the biggest aircraft manufacturers against each other, the Air Force awarded the $3.5 Billion contract to manufacture its next generation aerial refueling tanker to the Boeing Co.