US carried out cyberattack on Iranian backed militia

The US military conducted a major cyberattack on Iranian proxy group with forces in Iraq, Syria and inside Iran in the days after Iran shot down a US drone last week, according to two US officials with knowledge of what happened.

Nielsen announces new efforts to defend against cyberattacks

Federal security officials have created a new level of defense aimed at protecting banks, energy companies and other structures from massive cyberhacking attempts, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced Tuesday in New York.

Having more control over your data doesn't mean it's safe

California's new data protection law gives consumers sweeping control over how much personal information companies can collect. It lets people opt out of having their data collected entirely, and even makes it easier to sue companies in the wake of a data breach.

US unveils new Russia sanctions over cyberattacks

The US Treasury Department has imposed fresh sanctions on five Russian entities and three individuals, saying that they worked with Moscow's military and intelligence services in an effort to conduct cyberattacks against the US.

FBI recommends rebooting your router

The FBI is asking all Americans to reboot their internet routers after warning that Russia has compromised hundreds of thousands of devices worldwide with malware.

UK Parliament hit by cyberattack

The UK Parliament's computer system has been hit by a cyberattack, a spokesperson for the Houses of Parliament said in a statement.