Showers and mild for tonight's activities - Mark

Rain moving in and heavier south of I-90. Scattered showers North. SW winds will be with us as well with gusty winds to 30mph. More rain for Tuesday and into Wednesday morning with a light snow mix expected. Drier Wednesday and Thursday with more rain and snow potential through the weekend.

A breezy Friday with mid-day showers - Mark

What we're tracking It's going to be another breezy day with mild temperatures and some scattered, quick showers mid-day. Things will calm down this evening, but we're expecting…

Earn some sweet treats on Halloween at the Spo-Candy crawl

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Test your deciphering skills and win some sweet treats at the Spo-Candy Crawl at Riverfront Park! This Halloween, you can grab a Spo-Candy Worksheet at the Numerica Skate Ribbon for a challenge. The worksheet features 10 scenes…

Made in the Northwest: Spokandy

Spokandy has been a Spokane staple for more than 100 years. Derek Deis gives you a glimpse of the candy making process in this edition of Made in the Northwest.

Made in the Northwest: Bruttles

They say it's like nothing else you've ever tasted. Bruttles is Spokane's original soft peanut butter brittle and it's been a local favorite for 70 years. Derek Deis satisfied his sweet tooth for the edition of Made in the Northwest.

What are Washington and Idaho's favorite Halloween candies?

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Are you passing out tootsie pops this year?  You may consider it as it's the most popular Halloween candy in Washington. Source: Idaho’s favorite candy is Starbursts, followed by Snickers and candy corn.  Nationwide, Reese’s Cups…

How much is too much Halloween candy?

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Kids all over the country will flood the streets this weekend in search of candy.  But how much Halloween candy is too much? Colleen McMeen, a…

Stock up on seasonal sweets at Spokandy

Whether you're staying in and enjoying some this Halloween or want to save it for the holidays, Spokandy has some new fall products and flavors for you to try right now.

Your guide to Halloween trick-or-treating etiquette

The ghosts and firemen, princesses and zombies are off to trick-or-treat and super eager to collect as much candy as possible. How can you ensure they'll get a good haul? And how can you make your house a popular stop? Some proper Halloween etiquette could help.

Here are the WORST holiday candies

Last time we did one of these, we highlighted new 2018 holiday treats. Now we are focusing on some that are a little older, some that are a little grosser, but all are apparently the worst.