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What LGBT supporters need to know about Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh has replaced Anthony Kennedy on the US Supreme Court. For all the scrutiny of Justice Kavanaugh's personal life, his hearings told us little about where he will land on gay rights. Americans across the political spectrum have reason for concern -- especially pro-LGBT conservatives like ourselves who relied on Justice Kennedy as a champion of limited government. With the polarizing Kavanaugh confirmation now behind us, gay rights advocates need to prepare for the polit

What Kavanaugh's confirmation would mean

Thursday was a very good day for Brett Kavanaugh -- maybe his best day since being chosen as Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee back in July. Friday was even better, as his confirmation to the court appeared to be sealed with three key senators deciding he's worthy of being confirmed.

Lobbying push picks up as Trump nears choice for Supreme Court

President Donald Trump is expected to finalize his choice for the Supreme Court by Thursday or Friday, two people familiar with the search say, allowing aides in a newly minted White House war room to spend the weekend preparing for a summer confirmation fight.

Sunday shows roundup: North Korea, SCOTUS, ICE

Trump administration officials and members of Congress addressed some of the nation's hottest political issues on the Sunday morning shows this week, talking about the Trump administration's plan to denuclearize North Korea, the White House's strategy to nominate a new Supreme Court justice, and calls to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

5 takeaways from a momentous Supreme Court term

When the final gavel came down to end the Supreme Court term on Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court press corps scurried to their computers to begin writing stories about a momentous term where the justices took a hard right turn on core issues and liberals found themselves on the losing end of more than a dozen 5-4 opinions.

Begala: Democrats are about to fight like crazy

In these hyperbolic times, it's easy to fall into overstatement. Somehow, the farm-to-table dining preferences of Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the subliminal, sartorial messages of the first lady have become the subject of breathless debate. Cotton-candy controversies swirl for a moment and then disappear.

John Roberts played the long game

For much of Chief Justice John Roberts' 13 years in the center chair on the Supreme Court, the direction of the law came down to the man who sat next to him, Anthony Kennedy, whose key vote and centrist-conservative reasoning steered cases from abortion to gay rights to the death penalty.

Dems scramble as GOP delights in Kennedy's retirement

Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court has put the Senate on the cusp of an all-out war over his replacement and thrust an unexpected and hotly contested issue into the spotlight less than five months away from the midterm elections.

Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement letter

Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative who provided key votes for same sex-marriage, abortion access and affirmative action, on Wednesday announced his plans to retire from the Supreme Court, effective July 31.