animal rescue

Jar removed from bear cub's head

A bear cub in Maryland is back in the woods after getting a jar removed from its head.Workers with the Wildlife and Heritage Service tracked the animal for three days until they got it safely tranquilized and were able to…

How to help feral cats during the winter

There are ways you can help improve feral cats' lives during the colder months – even if you aren't able to take them in. Here are some tips from the Mother Nature Network.

Photo project flips the picture of the pit bull

A Florida photographer is determined to change how some people look at pit bulls.Adam Goldberg, "lead pet photographer" at AGoldPhoto in Tampa, launched the Pitbull Picture Project in August 2016. The goal is to counter the perception that pit-bull breeds…

Rescued pig on road to recovery

When Maybelle the pot-bellied pig was rescued, she weighed 196 pounds. She is so overweight, she's immobile and can't see due to a roll of fat covering her eyes.