Russian spies likely intercepted ambassador's call with Trump

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland's cell phone call to President Donald Trump from a restaurant in Ukraine this summer appears to be a shocking security breach that raises significant counterintelligence concerns, according to several former officials, who told CNN there is a high probability that intelligence agencies from numerous foreign countries, including Russia, were listening in on the conversation.

US to exchange ambassadors with Belarus

The United States is prepared to exchange ambassadors with Belarus, a top-ranking State Department official announced Tuesday -- a significant step in thawing relations between the two countries.

Senate confirms US ambassador to Saudi Arabia

The Senate overwhelmingly voted to confirm retired Gen. John Abizaid as the new US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, filling a post that has been vacant since the beginning of the Trump presidency.

Trump finally has an ambassador to South Korea

President Donald Trump finally has an ambassador to South Korea, as the Senate confirmed retired Navy Adm. Harry Harris by a voice vote Thursday, filling a key diplomatic post that had remained vacant since the current administration took office.

Trump taps Adm. Harry Harris as ambassador to South Korea

President Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate Adm. Harry Harris as US ambassador to South Korea on Friday, filling a key diplomatic post ahead of his high-stakes June 12 meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

GOP Senate office rips Trump nominee for ambassador

One of President Donald Trump's nominees is drawing condemnation and mockery from a Republican senator over his past statements pushing conspiracy theories and unfounded political attacks on Trump's opponents. 

Trump nominates Woody Johnson as ambassador to the UK

The White House officially nominated New York Jets' owner Robert "Woody" Johnson as ambassador to the United Kingdom Friday, more than five months after President Donald Trump first named him as his pick for the role.