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Google CEO to appear before Congress

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will make his debut testifying before Congress next Wednesday, a few months after a different attempt to get him to Capitol Hill turned so contentious that a Senate committee featured an empty chair in his place at a hearing.

Planes may hold the secret to safe self-driving cars

The self-driving car industry has an irresistible sales pitch: Its technology can prevent car crashes and save thousands of lives. But there's one major nagging problem. No one has proven the utopian promise will come true.

More than $1 trillion in Big Tech value wiped out

The recent stock market meltdown has hit the tech sector particularly hard. How hard? A sextet of well-known techs -- Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google owner Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix -- have lost a collective $1.1 trillion from their all-time highs.

CEO of driverless car company still loves to drive

John Krafcik downshifted his white Porsche 911 and whipped it around a curve on a heavily wooded mountain road. The car's 25-year-old engine made its distinctive soft rumble behind us as he accelerated out toward the next turn. For a few moments, we stopped talking. I was enjoying the drive, but also the pleasant irony of it.

Google addresses harassment allegations detailed in NYT report

Top Google executives stressed to employees that the company is "dead serious about making sure we provide a safe and inclusive workplace" in an email sent shortly after The New York Times published an investigation into how Google protected three executives accused of sexual misconduct over the past decade.