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Doug Jones joins the Senate: How will he vote?

When Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones went before his cheering supporters the night of his improbable election in deeply Republican Alabama last month, he smiled widely and then hesitated.

Democrats have new Southern strategy

With Doug Jones' upset victory in last week's Alabama U.S. Senate race, Democrats are solidifying a new model for rebuilding their tattered competitiveness in the South.

Trump: 'I was right' Moore wouldn't be able to win

President Donald Trump went back to Twitter Wednesday morning following Alabama's election stunner, claiming that he didn't endorse Republican candidate Roy Moore in the primary election because Trump knew Moore wouldn't be "able to win."

Read Doug Jones' victory speech

Democrat Doug Jones addressed supporters in Birmingham, Alabama, following his stunning victory in the Senate special election Tuesday. Read his full remarks:

Obama tells Alabama voters to reject Roy Moore

Former President Barack Obama is adding his voice to the Alabama Senate race, imploring voters to go to the polls Tuesday to reject the candidacy of Roy Moore as part of an aggressive effort by Democrats to try and counter President Donald Trump's full-throated endorsement of the controversial Republican candidate.

Congress week ahead: Washington watching Alabama

Congress has given themselves a little more breathing room to get through their 2017 to-do list, passing a continuing resolution Thursday on a spending bill that gives them two more weeks to get a final budget to the president's desk.

Trump calls Roy Moore to offer his endorsement

President Donald Trump on Monday called Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore and endorsed his campaign, fully aligning himself with the embattled Republican candidate eight days before the special election.