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Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?

Ah, holiday travel. Between huge crowds and weather delays, flying during this time of year is hectic. Now close your eyes and imagine the entire scenario with one additional annoyance: Loud talkers yammering into their cell phones at 35,000 feet.

Food allergy horror stories from 35,000 feet

Imagine having a life-threatening emergency while locked inside a metal container 35,000 feet above the ground, unable to leave or call 911 for desperately needed medical attention.

TSA considered ending special pilot security program

The Transportation Security Administration recently considered shutting down its program that lets pilots and flight attendants pass through airport security checkpoints without the same type of physical screening as passengers, according to two sources. The agency tells CNN it is now conducting an audit of the program to review potential insider threats.

Flight attendant fired, allegedly drunk

A flight attendant was arrested after passengers aboard a flight from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana, expressed concern about her condition during the flight, court documents show.

What are the alcohol rules for US airline pilots?

The arrest of an airline pilot on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol has travelers wondering about alcohol policies for commercial pilots and the screening in place to detect behavior that could endanger passengers.

Confessions of a VIP private jet flight attendant

For many, the thought of catching a plane is far from luxurious: from spending countless hours lining up at security, to wrestling arm rests with other passengers as you face a crammed long-haul flight in economy.

Pilots association urges Trump to work to end shutdown

A national pilots association is urging President Donald Trump "to take the necessary steps" to end the partial government shutdown, saying that the stalemate is "adversely affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system."