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China doesn't need US soybeans, thanks to Richard Nixon

President Donald Trump is upset with China for buying Brazilian soybeans instead of American ones amid the ongoing trade war, but the South American industry got its start thanks to an earlier round of protectionist policies under President Richard Nixon.

Employees turn their backs on Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue

Employees from two Department of Agriculture research agencies stood and turned their backs to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue at an all-hands meeting Thursday to silently protest a decision to relocate the agencies halfway across the country.

USDA extends deadline for farmer aid amid shutdown

Thanks to the government shutdown, the Department of Agriculture will extend the deadline for farmers to apply for assistance to offset losses they were experiencing as a result of trade tensions between the US and other countries.

Shutdown to cut office overseeing federal food stamps by 95%

As the government shutdown loomed over the holidays, heads of federal agencies and departments overseeing health and public assistance services tweeted that, regardless of what was happening in Washington, they were attending, as much as possible, to business as usual.