Woman to spend 17 years in prison for Spokane Valley murder

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- A local woman will spend 17 years in prison for murder and robbery. Kayla J. Holden pleaded guilty to the October murder of 37-year-old Allyson Davis. Detectives said Holden and 42-year-old Jerome J. Lee Jr approached…

Kamala Harris says she wouldn't have voted for NAFTA

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris said she would not have voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement, the 1994 deal drawing sharp divisions on trade philosophy among candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Dem says Mueller, committee reach deal to get Mueller to testify

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reached a tentative agreement to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, according to committee member Rep. David N. Cicilline. The Rhode Island Democrat said, "A tentative date has been set for May 15th and we hope the Special Counsel will appear. We think the American people have a right to hear directly from him."

US, Canada reach deal on revamped NAFTA

Canada agreed late Sunday to sign on to a trade deal between the United States and Mexico, revamping the three-country North American Free Trade Agreement after more than a year of tortuous negotiations.