Yankee great Don Larsen dies at age 90 in Hayden

(AP) -- New York Yankees legend Don Larsen died Wednesday night in hospice care in Hayden, Idaho. He was 90 years old. The journeyman pitcher reached the heights of baseball glory in 1956 when he became the only pitcher to…

You have two ages, chronological and biological

Reminiscent of a scene from "The Social Network," the whiteboard in researcher and professor Morgan Levine's Yale Medical School office is covered in a series of letters and numbers. She clicks the red cap back onto the dry erase marker and steps back to admire her work.

Beautiful stars for every age

Check out a beautiful star for nearly every age starting at 21 years old and going up, including Glenn Close, who celebrates her 72nd birthday on Tuesday.

Europeans are living longer -- but how long will it last?

Europeans are living longer, but health officials say certain risks -- such as obesity and undervaccination -- threaten to slow or even reverse this progress, according to the European health report released Tuesday by the World Health Organization.