Tacoma continues encampment ban, puts $1.9M into tent site

Family of unarmed man killed by police settles for $13 mil

The Tacoma City Council has voted to ban public camping for another year and spend another $1.9 million to continue operating its tent city-like transition site.

The law against public camping was put in place in July. It essentially bans encampments except for in places where they are permitted, such as the Dome District.

The News Tribune reports that the City Council also voted on Tuesday to extend its emergency declaration on homeless until the end of 2018.

Councilman Robert Thoms says the action continues the city’s efforts to make sure no one has to sleep on the streets, and that people are instead using the transition center.

Thoms said police officers sometimes take homeless people who are found to be camping unlawfully to the tent city site.