Suspicious Duffel Bag At WSP Headquarters

SPOKANE COUNTY — The Sheriff’s Department investigated a possible security threat at the Washington State Patrol headquarters on the West Plains and concluded that there was no risk.

According to WSP Trooper Mark Baker, a turquoise green duffel bag was left overnight near the front door of the WSP building. He said protocol in those situations is to request special units assistance to “check it out.”

The County Bomb Unit responded and X-rayed the bag, which they found to be non-threatening in nature. Inside the bag they encountered newspapers, a phone book, some wires and an empty day planner. 

The duffel bag was found unattended near the front door of the building Monday morning.

Neither the WSP building, nor the nearby John Deere retailer were evacuated, and the situation was considered resolved at about 10:45 a.m. 

WSP headquarters houses state patrol dispatch and other related personnel.