Suspect in fatal road rage shooting still on the loose

SPOKANE, Wash. — On Friday night, one person was killed on I-90 EB in a road rage shooting near the Sprague off-ramp.

The victim ended up crashing into a fence as a result of the road rage shooting. Jessica Thorpe, a delivery driver who was in the area of the shooting, says she is not surprised that something like this happened. However, she does think this could have been avoided.

“[It] could’ve been avoided possibly, but in today’s world it’s it’s sad that it’s happened,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe delivers beers for a store on Thor. As a delivery driver, she deals with many different types of drivers on the road.

“If I get cut off, then nobody is using their turn lane or turn signal,” Thorpe said. “I very well could’ve been in an accident. We’re all human. We’re not mind-readers. We do need those indicators.”

Thorpe recently finished a delivery up North when she noticed the heavy police scene on I-90 Friday night.

“Losing somebody is never easy and especially when it comes to a road rage incident,” Thorpe said. “I worked with somebody who lost their brother to a road rage incident once, so it’s very sad it’s close to home.”

In her six years living on the east side, Thorpe said she has seen five drive-by shootings.

Although details on last night’s suspect are limited, Washington State Patrol says they believe the suspect was driving a white Chevy Malibu.

The shooting took place somewhere between Hamilton and Thor at around 9:45 p.m. WSP says they are very familiar with calls about road rage.

“We want everyone to just drive safe,” WSP Trooper Ryan Senger said. “If something happens between you and a motorist the best course of action is to just slow down pull to the shoulder and stop, or if you don’t feel safe, drive to the next exit.”

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact WSP. This is an ongoing investigation.

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