Suspect in shootout with Pierce Co. deputy shot himself

Suspect in shootout with Pierce Co. deputy shot himself

UPDATE: Frank Pawul has been officially charged with first degree murder in death of Deputy Daniel McCartney following a home invasion robbery.

Suspected getaway driver Brenda Troyer has also been charged with first degree murder in Deputy McCartney’s death.

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Investigators have revealed that 35-year-old Henry Carden, found dead at the scene of a shootout that also killed Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy Daniel McCartney, died from a gunshot to the head from his own gun.

The situation began as a home-invasion burglary call in the Frederickson, Washington area. When deputy McCartney arrived, he began chasing Carden and 32-year-old Frank Pawul, who is now in custody. Both suspects were armed and at least one began firing.

Investigators say in the shootout, Deputy McCartney shot Carden five times, but he was wearing body armor that protected him from those shots. What killed Carden, according to Detective Ed Troyer, is one shot to the head from his own gun.

Troyer said it may not ever be clear whether Carden shot himself intentionally or accidentally.

Deputy McCartney was also wearing body armor, but he was shot above it in his neck. It’s not clear which suspect fired the fatal shot.

Troyer said Wednesday despite life saving efforts by first responders, “There was nothing anybody could have done. Our deputy was killed instantly.”

Investigators also explained that the mobile home McCartney was responding to was well known to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies had been called to the home 18 times in the last two years, and described it as a ‘trap house.’

It is believed that Carden and Pawul were targeting the home for drugs, money, or both.

Troyer described the home as being in a state of squalor, with no beds and human feces on the floor. Two young boys, aged 2 and 3, had just moved into the home and were there at the time with their father.

Troyer said conditions in the home are being investigated, and the children are now staying with their grandmother.

The second suspect, Frank Pawul, was arrested. He was caught by a security camera climbing a fence and hiding in a garbage can. A Washington State Patrol trooper found him wet, dirty and apparently hypothermic.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports text messages Pawul sent and received about the robbery and the shooting also helped link him to the crime.

Pawul is being held without bail for investigation of first-degree murder.

A third suspect, 52-year-old Brenda Troyer (no relation to the sheriff’s spokesman), was arrested on suspicion of rendering criminal assistance. She’s suspected of being the getaway driver who fled when Deputy McCartney arrived.

Brenda Troyer is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Prosecutors are expected to make charging decisions for both Pawul and Troyer later today.

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