Suspect in deadly road rage shooting claims self-defense

Shooting North Spokane May 15 2021
Kaitlin Knapp
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The man accused of shooting and killing a woman in a road rage incident claimed she first approached him with a knife. 

According to an affidavit filed in Spokane County District Court, 28-year-old Richard S. Hough shot and killed 33-year-old Erika L. Kienas on Saturday morning near the intersection of Francis and Addison. 

Court records state Hough was driving south with his mother and brother in the car. His mother told police that Kienas and another person passed them in a white Subaru and drove on the wrong side of the road before running a stop sign. 

She said they wanted to catch up to the white car to get the license plate and attempt to get them to pull over. 

“While giving chase the defendant (Hough) was telling her that they needed to stop them,” court records say. 

According to the affidavit, this was when an altercation occurred between Hough and Kienas. Hough told police Kienas referenced the gun he was carrying and reportedly made a statement that she should “cut” him. 

Hough told police he thought he saw Heinas pull a knife from inside her shirt and that is when he drew his revolver into a two-handed firing position and shot her. 

The affidavit says Hough told police he was “so sorry” and “did not want this to happen.” 

“She presented herself in a very very threatening way towards me and… in the dress that she had a knife… I did not see a knife, no… I reacted faster than that,” Hough told police. 

Hough has been charged with second-degree murder and remains in the Spokane County Jail. He pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance on Monday and is being held on $750,000 bond. 

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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Hough pleaded guilty during his first court appearance. 4 News Now regrets the error.