Superheroes 4 Kids: Healing through the arts at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s never easy to be a kid in the hospital. It’s even harder during COVID-19. But, programs funded by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are helping therapists find a sense of normalcy through the arts and healing program at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

All week, 4 News Now is presenting stories of health care superheroes, working hard to help kids through the programs of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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The arts and healing program brings visual arts, music and even virtual reality to kids and their families who are getting treatment in the hospital. It’s a welcome distraction from treatment, but also helps kids work through their feelings in a constructive way.

“Kids uniquely have an ability to transition out of heaviness and worry into free expression of their internal selves,” said Katie Rogney, who works with kids in the program. “That makes environments like the hospital so much easier to bear.”

With visitor restrictions in place because of COVID-19, it’s even harder for kids who may feel isolated during treatment.

“They can’t have their siblings right now, their friends can’t be coming in, they’re really isolated in their rooms,” said Ann Walker, Arts and Healing program coordinator. “They’re not able to interact with one another like they normally would.”

There’s also an even bigger need for supplies. To limit possible exposure to COVID-19, supplies that would normally stay at the hospital are going home with the kids instead. That’s why donations to Children’s Miracle Network to pay for those supplies are more important than ever.

What looks like art class to most people can be incredibly healing for a child.

“Kid process what they’re going through with play and creativity,” said Walker. “It may look like they’re just coloring, they’re just painting, they’re just playing music. But, they’re working through their anxiety, their depression – all the feelings that go along with being ill and being hospitalized.”

The specialists know that donations are critical to keep the programs strong and to help provide this healing to every child who comes into the hospital.

All the money donated to Children’s Miracle Network stays here to help the programs at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. You can donate at this link.

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