Sunflower super bloom explodes in North Dakota

Just because kids are going back to school and store shelves are filling up with Halloween goodies doesn’t mean summer is over yet. In fact, in North Dakota, the bright fields of sunflowers are just reaching their peak, and they’re a perfect place for tourists who don’t want to let go of the summer sunshine.

According to the North Dakota department of tourism, August is high season for sunflowers in the state, and there are thousands of acres of blooms ready for all of your nature-loving, picture-taking needs.

“North Dakota actually ranks in the top-two for sunflower production year-over-year, so travelers are venturing to the state to take in the picturesque view,” North Dakota Tourism said.

Sunflower tourism is big business for farms and parks across the country. One reason: The trendy flowers make the perfect backdrop for oh-so-important social media posts. Of course, they’re also just downright beautiful to behold.

In some areas, sunflower fields set the stage for dove hunting season, so the recent boost in people seeking an afternoon among the flowers is just an added bonus to an already established activity.

North Dakota Tourism has pinpointed some of the more popular places where tourists can take in the view, but it’s also reminding tourists to be courteous in their flower-peeping efforts.

“Those viewing the colorful crops in North Dakota are reminded not to enter any field without the landowner’s permission,” the agency website warns.