Summer Draws To A Close So Why Not Camp

NEWPORT, Wash. — Labor Day marks the last official day of Summer and though it might be drawing to a close there are still plenty of good times to be had.

Many campgrounds are still open, leaving something you can still do with the family as we transition into Fall.

Six-year-old Jeremy went camping with his grandparents at Pioneer Park Campground just outside Newport. For Jeremy it was his first adventure fishing.

“So when I pulled the fish out it was hard reeling it in,” said Jeremy.”I kept worrying and I wanted pull it in so much and it was really fun when I got that fish.”

Jeremy produced his fish, a nice sized trout. An experience made even more memorable after fishing with his grandpa in the Pend Oreille River.

“Anyways it was flopping around, flopping, we dropped it, it was slimy so my grandpa had to was his hands,” he said.

Fishing is just one of the things your family can do when camping at Pioneer Park.

“More and more people are realizing that they have this jewel really close to home,” said River Host, Edie Williams.

She has been the Summer Campground Host at the 17-site campground for five years. She sees a lot of the same people coming back each summer but really enjoys the new faces too.

“I like people to come because I love this park,” said Williams. “I like people to share that love with me.”

One of the things guests enjoy about the campground is the Heritage Interpretive Trail that gives you a little history about the Kalispell Tribe who at one time lived along the river.

“I really like it when people come and walk that trail, its not difficult, its an easy trail, its not long.” said Williams. “There is a beautiful view of the river at the top, with a boardwalk area, and its a lovely place to sit down and just enjoy the river, and just think about this history that is right there along the riverbank.”

So whether you prefer to spend the day hiking or just sitting around the campsite playing with new friends you might meet at the next site; there is plenty to keep you busy at Pioneer Park Campground, including catching some fish.

“I was so lucky it wasn’t a big one,” sighed Jeremy. “I felt the teeth, they feeled hard and they’re pointy.”

Pioneer Park Campground is open through September.