Study: BPA Not Safe After All

WASHINGTON — A new study printed in the Jounral of the American Medical Association questions the safety of the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is found in many plastics.

The high profile study points to every day items like baby bottles, eyeglass lenses and even compact disks as having a potential risk to Americans’ health.

The study looked into 1,500 adults and suggests an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes due to the exposure of BPA.

The Federal Drug Administration says BPA is safe, but they will continue to look at more research.

“We agree with FDA’s draft assessment. FDA’s approach was thorough, objective, transparent, and strongly supported by scientific data,” Said John Van Miller, with BPA producers. “No other food packaging performs as well in situations such as disaster relief, homeland security, or famine relief.”

The journal’s report comes on the heals of another government report – one that suggests risks could be greater for infants and kids.

FDA scientists agree with the authors of the new study that the issue merits more review.