Student made up Hamblen luring attempt

Parents alerted after luring attempt at Hamblen Elementary

A luring attempt, which prompted swift action by Spokane Public Schools and school resources officers, was a lie.

The Hamblen Elementary School student, a 9-year-old girl, who reported a man tried to lure her away from school earlier this week, confessed to her parents Wednesday night that she had made the story up.

Spokane Public Schools confirmed the girl made the story up Thursday morning,

The girl had reported that just after she was dropped off at school a stranger approached her, grabbed her by the shoulder and told her that her parents didn’t want her going to school and he was supposed to drive her home. She ran away and told school staffers about the incident.

Later in the day, the school’s principal, Rita Forsythe, held a media briefing, along with a school resource officer, laying out what actions the school took to safeguard its students in the wake of the reported luring attempt.

Meanwhile, school officials also confirmed there was a report of a luring attempt at Finch Elementary on Wednesday.

A student reportedly was walking home at 3:15 p.m. when a man stopped, rolled down his window and asked the student if they needed a ride home. The student allegedly said no, at which the driver got out, opened his door and asked the student to get the car. The child said no and the man left.

Finch Elementary is sending home a letter to parents regarding this latest reported incident.