Student Firefighters Start Academic Year Late

MOSCOW, ID — Student firefighters out battling wildfires won’t make it back in time for the start of the University of Idaho’s academic year on August 25th.

The university says this is the case each year and offers a delayed start for firefighters who are also students.

Nancy Krogh with the University of Idaho says last year the school had 13 students delayed to campus due to severe fire season. “We are supportive of their efforts, and encourage the student firefighters, or a family member, to contact us so we know they do plan on returning.”

Firefighters need to contact the Registrar’s Office in order to apply for the delay. Once approved an e-mail will be sent out with the information to their instructors, university housing, financial aid, student accounts and the Dean of Students Office.

If the student has already paid tuition, but won’t make it back for the semester, tuition is refunded.