Stuckart calls out Woodward for absence at climate change forum

Environmental advocates at Gonzaga University invited local political candidates to participate in a climate change forum on Wednesday, but only two candidates showed up.

Mayoral candidate Ben Stuckart and City Council President candidate Breean Beggs were present, but their opponents were not.

Stuckart was quick to point out his opponent’s absence, saying “The mayor’s job is full time and part of that job is representing and listening to all citizens.”

Of the six mayoral forums in nine days, Stuckart said Woodward was absent for half.

“Unfortunately, my opponent only showed up when the cameras were turned on,” Stuckart added.

4 News Now reached out to Woodward for comment.

“Tomorrow will be the third debate I have participated in this week. It’s ironic that Ben claims to be a good listener when the reality is he never even listened to his own police officers: ‘I’ve never asked for their endorsement and I never will,’ he said. Ben has a long pattern of selective hearing,” said Woodward.

City Council President candidate Cindy Wendle, who also did not attend the forum, had no comment.