Strangers Help Horses After I-90 Crash

SPOKANE — An trailer accident left three injured horses alongside I-90 this afternoon, and people pulled over to help in rush hour traffic.

At about 5 p.m., a trailer carrying the horses flipped on its side. A Bonners Ferry couple was headed home with three horses in the trailer.

Apparently the horses shifted their weight, and the trailer tipped onto its side. The owners were not hurt, but the horses suffered some deep cuts.

The owner of the horse was blown away by the number of complete strangers that pulled over to offer help. Some went home to get buckets of water for the horses, another man brought his horse trailer to take the horses to a veterinarian.

“I didn’t want them out in the heat and the traffic,” said Clint Peters. “We did what we could do “

The horses are on their way home to Bonners Ferry, as their vet says they will be OK.