Stolen Car Suspect Rolls Vehicle Over Train Tracks

A Spokane Valley driver is facing Vehicular Assault charges for taking police on a chase that ended in a crash on the rail road tracks at Trent and Flora.

The pursuit started late Friday night when police tried to pull over the driver of a stolen vehicle. The driver took off speeding eastbound on Wellesley.

The suspect hit a truck at Trent and Flora, which caused him to roll over nearby train tracks. The car landed on its roof.

The man in the truck that was hit at Trent and Flora walked away with just minor injuries.

?A little scrape up on my knee, a bump on my head and a little scratch there on my arm, I feel pretty lucky,? Dustin Battermann said.

The driver of the speeding car will be charged with Vehicular Assault.

Deputies say they quit the pursuit before the crash, aware they were headed toward a busy intersection.

All trains in the area were stopped during the investigation and clean up of the wreck.