Stimulus Funds To Power STA Bus Buy

SPOKANE — The Spokane Transit Authority has been notified it will receive $10.6 Million in federal stimulus funds and is planning to purchase new buses to refresh its aging fleet.

The STA board of directors have approved using $9.6 Million of the stimulus funds to purchase 23 new buses to replace buses in their fleet that are 16 years old. Of those buses slated for purchased 10 of them will be diesel-electric hybrid buses.

The remaining money from the stimulus funds will go toward a variety of projects including security, transit enhancements and preventive maintenance.

The STA Board’s proposal for use of the stimulus funds will be discussed at a public hearing on April 16th, followed by the board taking action on the proposal.

If and when the board approves of the funding proposal it will then be submitted to the Federal Transit Administration for final notification of approval, which could happen by later this summer.

The April 16th public hearing will coincide with the next board of directors meeting on Thursday, April 16th at 5:30 p.m. in the Spokane City Council Chambers.