Stevens County Deputies put down aggressive, loose pit bulls

Dogs likely involved in attack last week
Stevens County Deputies put down aggressive, loose pit bulls
Courtesy: Stevens County Sheriff's Office (Facebook Page)

Two loose pit bulls were put down Thursday by Stevens County Deputies after they believe the dogs had attacked a woman and child last week and lunged at a deputy trying to catch them.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3200 block of E. Jumpoff Joe Rd. Thursday to the report of two brown pit bull mixes wearing harnesses and dragging leashes on the road. While loose, the dogs attacked a woman in her yard unprovoked. She was treated for her injuries.

A responding deputy attempted to catch the dogs but they aggressively lunged at the deputy.

The two dogs were also potentially the same pit bulls that attacked a woman and a child in North Spokane last week.

Fish and Wildlife were contacted to see if they could assist in tranquilizing the dogs, but the service was not available. The Sheriff’s Office also reached out to local vet clinics to see if they could help in safely catching the dogs, but that service was also not available.

Due to the fact the dogs had already likely attacked three people, lunged at a deputy, and no safe alternative to catching them was available, the decision was made in the interest of public safety to put the dogs down.

Further testing will be done on the dogs for rabies.

No owner has been located.