State bringing in dogs, another trap to catch bear in Spokane County neighborhood

Black bear captured on a Ring camera in Spokane County's Northwood neighborhood
A Ring camera in the Northwood neighborhood of Spokane County captured a black bear

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is setting up another trap and bringing in dogs to try to trap a bear that’s been spotted in the Northwood neighborhood near Spokane Valley.

The bear was first spotted in early November in the neighborhood just north of Millwood.

People also reported seeing the bear in nearby Pasadena and Minnehaha climbing areas.

WDFW set up a trap baited with chicken from Yoke’s and reminded people to secure their trash. A week later, the black bear is still roaming the area.

Now, officers say they will be killing the bear when found. They say there’s been too many sightings near people, and there is something “off” about its behavior, raising public safety concerns.

On Friday, wildlife officers plan to set up a trap and also see if dogs can bring the bear out of hiding.

If anyone in the area sees the bear, they’re asked to call 911.