Stark Spends Second Day On Witness Stand

SPOKANE – Shellye Stark spent a second day on the witness stand Thursday defending her actions in the fatal shooting of her estranged husband Dale.

Stark described how her husband Dale Stark came home from a business trip on December 9th and was surprised with a restraining order telling him to immediately leave his house

“I yelled to my son, nephew and husband to leave just go,” Shellye Stark testified Thursday, adding that Dale Stark did not leave but instead turned to face her while she was in the kitchen.

Stark claims that her husband was charging towards her while also threatening her and making a move toward a knife on the counter.

“I was so afraid, so afraid, so I fired the weapon. I wanted him to go, I never wanted to kill him, I never wanted to kill him,” she said.

Prosecutors allege this was an act and that Shellye Stark had planned the murder, planting the knife on the counter and luring her husband into the kitchen where she shot him three times in the back.

They allege she did it to get their house, car and her husband’s life insurance policy.

Stark claims it was self defense, that she feared for her life after years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, claiming that her husband forced her to work as a prostitute named Nikita Jennifer for four years to raise money for his gambling habit.