STA Among The Ticketed By Red Light Cameras

SPOKANE — It has been one year since the Spokane City Council gave the green light to red light cameras and since their installation in September more than 1,500 notices have been issued.

The cameras work by snapping pictures of cars as they speed through red lights. They can also determine how fast the car is going.

Officer Teresa Fuller with the Spokane Police Department says the fastest speed she’s seen ticketed with the cameras was 52 miles per hour through the intersection of Francis and Divison.

In addition to the camera at Francis and Division two other intersection are equipped with red light cameras including, Browne and Sprague and Hamilton and Mission.

The numbers really begin to add up after a year. The Spokane Police Department reports they’ve issued 1,597 tickets, which includes the 678 warnings handed out during a grace period in November.

The red light tickets have brought in over $50,000 dollars to the City of Spokane.

Some high-profile vehicles have also been caught running red lights. The police department says they’ve caught a Spokane Transit Authority buses, several taxis and a school bus.

Right now one driver holds the record for the most tickets in one day. He received two red-light tickets within two hours on a Friday night.

The city expects to add four new cameras to intersections around Spokane, but the locations have not been determined. Installation should take place in March.