St. George’s School student helps raise money for Ronald McDonald House

St. George’s School student helps raise money for Ronald McDonald House

A St. George’s School student helped raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Ceci Bergquist, who has served as a Ronald McDonald House teen board member for two years, organized the fundraiser at her school.

Every year, St. George’s has an annual basketball game called The Battle of the Holy Grail, and they partner with an organization that they fundraise for throughout the night.

This year, they chose the Ronald McDonald House.

The school brought little houses throughout the stands to collect money, had people pledge money, and had others come to judge the event.

“It was a really fun way to get the community involved with the Ronald McDonald House,” said Bergquist.

They raised funds throughout the night and were able to raise enough money to buy new TVs for the families in their rooms at the Ronald McDonald House. The TV’s and new DVD players were delivered to the House Thursday.

“The one thing I love about the Ronald McDonald House is that anytime I do something or come here it’s so rewarding because you can see the difference you’re making with the kids anytime you play with them or their families,” said Bergquist.

According to Julie Delaney, Marketing and Communications Director at Ronald McDonald House, the teen board teaches teens not only leadership, but also philanthropy.

Teen board applications are due in the spring. You can find that application here.