SRHD gives air quality tips ahead of Smoke Ready Week

SPOKANE, Wash. — As summer approaches, it’s important to consider ways to protect your health during wildfire season. That’s why the Spokane Regional Health District gave tips on how to keep your air quality safe ahead of Smoke Ready Week.

Smoke Ready Week is next week, but the SRHD couldn’t wait and posted a bit early.

Microscopic smoke particles can travel long distances, so its important to check the air quality in your area. You can always check with the Spokane’s Air Quality index for hourly updates.

It’s also critical to keep your indoor air clean, keep your windows shut, and improve your home’s air filtration system in the event of a nearby wildfire.

If you live near an at-risk wildfire area, you can check the Washington Smoke Info Blog for constant wildfire monitoring and forecasting.

You can find more resources for Smoke Ready Week here.

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