SPS receives reports of people taking advantage of free meals

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Public Schools officials have received reports that some people may be taking advantage of their free meal distribution.

Media and Marketing Specialist Ally Barrera said the district has received word that some people may be stopping at multiple sites during distribution hours.

“We kindly ask that people refrain from doing that since it keeps other families from getting these important meals,” Barrera said in an email.

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At this point, the issue has not become so rampant that the district feels it needs to make changes to its meal services.

There are 24 meal distribution sites across Spokane that provide food for any child aged 0-18, even if they don’t attend an SPS school.

Barrera said people can host a community serving site if they know of areas where several children are unable to access the existing distribution sites. Those interesting in hosting can call the Nutrition Services Department at 509-354-7270.

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