Spokofuel Offering Cut-Rate Gas Prices

AIRWAY HEIGHTS — Free enterprise and a tax refund program are coming together to create cheaper gas for drivers and boaters alike thanks to both the state and the Spokane Indians.

Right now a gallon of gas in Spokane is averaging $4.05 per gallon and 36 cents of that you pay to Washington for the state’s highway tax. However there may be a way to get back 11 cents for every gallon of gas you buy.

Out in Airway Heights, drivers are lining up at Spokofuel where gas is 18 cents cheaper than most stations in Spokane. As of Wednesday gas prices at Spokofuel was $3.91. The reason why gas is so much cheaper there is that the station is owned by the Spokane Indian Tribe. Tribal leaders have decided whatever money they lose on cheaper gas is made up by the volume of their sales.

Mel LeClaire thinks the a little competition between gas stations benefits everyone.

“Not only that but this is owned by the Spokane Indians and I think it’s only time that we give the Indians something back after putting them out on that scab land for years and years,” LeClaire said.

Mike Loster is also fueling up at Spokofuel. Loster delivers papers for The Spokesman-Review and the rising gas prices are cutting into his profit margin. On a 20 gallon fill up he can save more than $3.50 and that’s important to Loster’s bottom line.

“Everything is going up and the cost of doing my job is going up. It takes money out of my pocket to run this thing,” he said.

Meanwhile Washington boaters have a chance to save a little money on their fill ups as well.                             Because once they’re in the water boats don’t put any wear and tear on the streets and roads the state is refunding 11 cents of its highway gas tax or about $2 a tank for you average ski boat.

In order to qualify for the boat tax refund you have to buy more than 50 gallons a year and you have to keep your receipts.