Spokanites have taken 1 million Lime rides

Lime scooters and bikes will soon be off Spokane streets
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Lime will now have employees patrol through downtown Spokane to ensure people are riding in the proper places. 

SPOKANE, Wash. — One million Lime bike and scooter rides have been taken in Spokane, the company announced Tuesday.

Lime has been offering shared electric vehicles in Spokane since 2018, when the company launched a 72-day pilot program. The Spokane City Council then approved an agreement allowing Lime to operate the city’s WheelShare program in 2019.

In May, the City Council approved a two-year extension of the agreement, extending Lime services into 2023.

“Hitting one million rides makes us so proud of the partnership built with the City of Spokane and a wide range regional and local collaborators to design a micromobilty program built to serve the city’s unique needs and ambitious goals,” said Jonathan Hopkins, Lime’s Director of Strategic Development for the Pacific Northwest. “It has been a team effort throughout our time here, working hand-in-hand with City of Spokane to create a world class program… These fruitful collaborations have served as a global model, leading the way in providing safe ways to explore and experience Spokane.”

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